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How To Get Maximum CTR Trick

What Is CTR and Why is it Important to increase CTR

According to "One of the Top Inbound Marketing Company Toronto", CTR means Click Through Rate which is mean counted in percentage. In any CPC (Cost Per Click) Advertise you should focus on CTR as it will make generate maximum revenue from Advertise, and increasing CPC is not in our hand but we can easily focus on CTR and increase it.

How To Get Maximum CTR Tips and Tricks

Now you just focus on every single point I am providing here as I am not a good writer and I may fail to express it at the level it should be.

  • Before you place any Ad or create any Ad unit I would say focus only on Banner and Text Ads and ignore Link Ads as it will reduce you CTR and even spoil you CPC.
  • Use only 3 Ads on Website and best thing use Google Publisher Beta Plugin
  • Use Customized Ad unit which is responsive as it will be easily managed in Mobile, Tablets and Desktops
  • Use Horizontal Banner Under Menu Bar and don’t use above Menu Bar. As many visitors are focused towards Menu Bar and If place under it you will receive more clicks.
  • Use Vertical Banner of 300*600 in left side Sidebar and it will definitely boost your CTR.
  • Now many bloggers use Large Rectangle in post but I would suggest to change it and replace that with customized responsive Rectangle at Top of post Content and at the centre of post content this 2 Ads placement is magic they will take your CTR at higher level.
  • Many times you ads placement might be correct but you won’t get CTR more then 1-2% its because you ads are not related to you blog so focus and choose ads related to your blog niche as it will give more clicks and its only the game.
  • Write more articles on topics related to ads mainly getting displayed.
  • Tried everything and still not getting the I have best last solution for you and it really works if you do it right way install Google Publisher Beta Plugin put 1 ad in header and 2 in post and install Floating Adsense Plugin and set it to left use 160*600 Ad unit and will turn you CTR more then 6% easily. Don’t worry your ads won’t get block by using Floating ads until you do something else. I have many blog and I am using on them since 6months.
  • Post on Live Streaming, Domains, Shopping this words has more ads and will easily increase your CTR.

I have shared a few points which I personally experienced and you just to make your own strategy using those points. Rest its simple I would say everyone should use Google Publisher Beta Plugin as it will verify your site and it has been gone throw many testing by Google which they added in this plugin.